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Welcome, amigos! We’re Sara & Kat Fratticci, the sisters behind this here lifestyle blog. It is a blog dedicated first and foremost to savoring every second of life’s adventures, from the huge milestones and achievements to the nuances and singular moments that get lost in the fray of everyday. Sometimes we document and share, other times we reminisce or even celebrate. But throughout, you’ll never find our posts to be fast-paced, cursory glances at life. We’re not about that. Instead, our words and our images invite you to stay. They’re meant to welcome you into the fold, to find beauty in the details as well.

The Mama Bears is our creative outlet, the space we use to share our love for the written word and the captured image. We create and curate it together and our posts always touch on things cemented onto our identities, things like the rich multicultural fabric that is Long Island and the greater New York City area, our appreciation for the simplicity and harmony found in nature, the quandary of embracing the connectedness of technology while at the same time endeavoring to stay grounded in spite of it, the art of balancing old traditions with new ones, and the necessity of nurturing our own identities and goals throughout it all.


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The seed for our blog was first planted back in 2010 when we both coincidentally delved into the wild ride of motherhood in the same year. Our many nights of talking and planning began to take on a shape that we soon recognized as being the beginnings of a blog, one we finally decided to go live with in 2014. A term of endearment we’ve used for many years, we decided to go with the name The Mama Bears for our joint venture as it also refers to our new identities in our lives.

Our hope is that you might find a sense of camaraderie at The Mama Bears, a mirror of the very same experiences and emotions you yourself might be feeling, regardless of the corner of the world you happen to call home. To help you find this we’ve put together a guide of sorts below, a map to guide you around and introduce you to our blog. We might even share a few things in common! Perhaps you’re a fellow New Yorker or possibly even a Long Islander like ourselves. Or maybe you’re a fellow mama, a voracious foodie, or a dedicated scrapbooker? Whatever our connection might be, WELCOME- we’re happy you’re here!




Food. We’re obsessed with it. The making of food, the enjoying of food, the presentation of food. Food. As such, recipes play a large role on the blog, from old family ones like this sopa de cola from our childhood to new ones we’ve stumbled upon and folded into our rotations. Occasionally we do manage to pry our aprons off and delve into other domestic ventures for a change. You can find these as well as the rest of our culinary favorites in the aptly named Roost category.




If we’re not traveling then we are most likely in the throes of all-out planning for our next adventure, like this one- our family vacation to Puerto Rico in 2014. Planning, researching, making reservations- these are all almost as good as the real thing. Almost. If wandering is your thing too, then check out our Wanderlust category for more posts like this one about travels near and far.


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Our For Mamas category is one of our most eclectic, and with good reason, as our passions vary almost as widely as our pursuits. We’re serious about setting aside time for ourselves, be it to archive through Project Life, to have a night out with our friends like we did when we took this cooking class photo at Sur la Table, or even simply taking the time to reflect, vent, or what have you through musings and photo essays.




Naturally, content for and about our four little cubs figures very prominently throughout the blog. We often do crafts together at home, like this leaf stamping number we made together one fall, but we’re also big on playing and playing hard. In our For Cubs category we share some of our favorite kids activities around Long Island, style and gear options we adore, and even educational items with a hands-on bent that we swear by.


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The quintessential digital version of window shopping, our Favorite Finds series is a compilation of everything that grabs our attention for a given season, occasion, or interest. In the past we’ve included things such as items for the home and garden, activities like outdoor winter-time fun on Long Island, gift ideas, and even books. Consider it research that’s already been done for you and a resource to help point you in the right direction.


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Living on the north shore of Long Island, we have no shortage of beautiful places and spaces in which to meander and explore. Among our favorites are the Sweetbriar Nature Preserve in Smithtown, the Old Westbury Gardens, and Benner’s Farm in East Setauket- where our littles have been taking children’s classes for years. These, as well as things like favorite restaurants, events and festivals, and options for indoor and outdoor adventures are featured in our Long Island Living category, taking all the guesswork out of what to do and where to go with littles all over the island.


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The Mama Bears blog contains some contextual affiliate links throughout the website. This means that, should you click on one of the links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission on the sale of the product you bought. It is imperative for our readers to know, however, that we only use affiliate links for items we absolutely love/adore/can’tlivewithout and think that you may too. Okay, full disclosure over and done with. That wasn’t too bad, right?

We are always open to professional collaborations including guest blogging, social media promotion, site advertising, and giveaways. If you’re interested in working with us, contact us through email at hello@themamabears.com.

While we aim to cultivate an environment of camaraderie and friendship with our readers and we welcome new friends to the blog, please be advised that any and all inappropriate comments posted anywhere on the website will be removed, including spam, offensive language, and any other comments that we deem out of line or grossly irrelevant to the post.

One final note, we ask that you please refrain from using any of our images and/or other published blog content without prior written consent or without citing The Mama Bears and a link back to our original post. All rights reserved.


That’s it, friends! That’s all of it. Thanks for stopping by for the quick and dirty on our blog. Drop a note, say hello, we love hearing from our readers!


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