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The Mama Bears Gardening with Littles Spring Plants Long Island

Gardening with Littles

There was a time when the idea of plopping my littles down in front of a pile of dirt and seed packets wasView full post »

The Mama Bears Spring Finds 2017 Must Have Spring Items

Spring Finds 2017

Today I went full-on spring mode. For starters, my cleaning game was on point. Decluttering, reorganizing, dustingView full post »

The Mama Bears Crafty Minimalistic Easter Baskets

Craft-filled Easter Baskets

Raise your hand if just the thought alone of another holiday defined by sugar-induced mayhem makes youView full post »

The Mama Bears Spring Collection of Favorite Blog Posts

Collection of Spring Favorites

Okay so never mind the fact that as I write this there is now snow falling outside and a rumor going aroundView full post »

The Mama Bears Farewell to 2017 Life in Long Island New York

A Farewell Note to 2016

2016. You just couldn’t make it easy, could you? For a while there we were definitely on the fence.View full post »

The Mama Bears Cranberry Walnut Shortbread Cookie Recipe Christmas

Cranberry Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies

Earlier this year we shared our favorite cookie recipe on the blog. It was Valentine’s Day and few thingsView full post »

The Mama Bears Kindness Advent Calendar DIY Holiday Craft

Our Kindness Advent Calendar

I am completely convinced that the urge to gift things to children is rooted in evolutionary biology. Like a knee-jerkView full post »

The Mama Bears Easy Summer Dishes Recipe

Easy Summer Side Dishes

There are plenty of things totally worth indulging in during the summer. Lazy days at the beach, ice creamView full post »

The Mama Bears Immigrant Culture

Why My Children Will Never Defend Their Mixed Ethnicity

Surprised, she blinked a few times as she considered what I’d just told her. She thought for a moment,View full post »

The Mama Bears Baseball and Soccer Sports Season with Littles

Weekend Ball Games with the Littles

Remember when weekends were synonymous with pursuits of the staying-out-late variety? With sleeping in theView full post »

The Mama Bears Children

Children’s Letters Kit with Minted

A few months ago I started noticing a new phenomenon happening quite regularly among my little flock. LittleView full post »

The Mama Bears Puerto Rican Pernil Recipe

Classic Puerto Rican Pernil (Roasted Pork Shoulder)

Every cuisine has its signature dish. The cornerstone of its entire culinary spectrum. And yet, for allView full post »

The Mama Bears Spring Collection of Favorites Suncatchers

Whimsical Spring Suncatchers

I recently undertook my first quarterly swap of 2016. I did. I threw in the towel and decided that IView full post »

The Mama Bears Safety Tattoos Car Seat Tags Travel Tips

DIY Carseat ID Tags & More Safety Favorites

Like many parents out there, we love going out with our little pickles. Water parks, days in the city, cruises,View full post »

The Mama Bears NYC Half Marathon 2016

NYC Half Marathon 2016

Firsts. It’s a concept my husband and I have become pretty familiar with over the past six years. In theView full post »

The Mama Bears Age of Collecting

The Age of Collecting

I was officially initiated into my eldest’s collecting stage one random morning in the not-so-distantView full post »

The Mama Bears Building With Kids at Lowe

Building with Kids at Lowe’s

Motherhood is nothing if not a whirlwind of new experiences. Right from the start, your life takes a noticeableView full post »

The Mama Bears Valentine

Valentine Shortbread Cookies

Since first discovered and widely endorsed by Mary Poppins back in the day, the now well-known adage that sugarView full post »

The Mama Bears Photo Essay Boys Westbury Garden

Nurturing Nature

Blue Oxford Shirt :: Gap Kids  |  Brown Boots :: Cole Haan (similar here) Plaid Shirt ::View full post »

The Mama Bears One Little Word 2016

One Little Word

For 2016 I’ve decided to jump on a certain bandwagon I’ve been eyeing for years. Known as “one little word,”View full post »

The Mama Bears Project Life Ali Edwards December Daily

December Daily 2015

This past December, the height of the holiday season, there was no potentially festive stone we left unturnedView full post »

The Mama Bears A Farewell Note to 2015

A Farewell Note to 2015

One day I’m sure I will know my way around the backroads of my neighborhood like the back of my hand,View full post »

The Mama Bears Birdseed Ornament Winter Activity All Natural

Peanut Butter and Birdseed Wildlife Cakes

A few days ago we raided the pantry, cobbled together a few hours, and got messy making homemade birdseedView full post »

Sopa de Cola (Oxtail Soup)

We’ve all got them. You know, those nostalgia triggers? Maybe for you it’s the scent of an old perfume that brings youView full post »

A Pond, Some Woods, And My Girls

The first time I ever photographed my nieces I’m pretty sure they had no idea I was even there. Not more than a scantView full post »

A Delightful Sunset on the Beach

Last month, my vivacious little niece came to visit for the week and instantly filled our house with a charm and witView full post »

Life Through Project Life

On a recent trip to the movies to see Disney’s latest G-rated installation for kids, my hubby and I walkedView full post »

Fruit and Nut Garlands for Winter Critters

There is something beautiful about the way kids see the world. As cliché as it may sound, there is justView full post »

For the Off-Duty Parent: Sur la Table Cooking Class

I’ve had my eye on the cooking classes offered at Sur la Table for a little while now. Probably more thanView full post »

My Mama’s Chickpea Soup Recipe

When I think about my mama, my mind usually takes me back to her smiling face in the kitchen of my childhoodView full post »